20 Funny Weight Loss Memes That’re Way Too Accurate

Have you ever heard the term “Summer body?” well, that’s what people say when they want to get in shape for the summertime, and with so many people trying to get their best body, it’s obvious the funny weight loss memes were going to show up!

Let’s be honest, we have all have gone through a weight loss journey at least once in our life! And if you haven’t, well, then you are one of the very few lucky ones in the world.

But for the rest of us, funny weight loss memes are funny because they are extremely relatable. It doesn’t matter if you tried to lose 5 pounds of 50, the thing is, we have all tried to lose weight and be in our best shape at least once.


Funny Memes About Weight Loss

Like anything in life, our experiences and the situations we get into are simply funny! Which is why we simply couldn’t let these funny weight loss memes pass!

So, whether you are currently beginning your weight loss journey or you have been in the game for quite a while, get ready to laugh, because trust us, these memes are just plain funny!

1. Walking Down The Junk Food Aisle Like.

funny weight loss meme


2. Eating Chocolate Now. Regretting It 10 Pounds Later.

hilarious weight loss meme to laugh


3. When You’re Caught Cheating on Your Diet.

popular weight loss memes


4. Not Sure If Pants Are Falling Off Due to Weight Loss.

funny weight loss meme that makes you laugh


5. I’m on A Very Strict Diet. Oooh Look Cake!

humorous weight loss meme


6. You Ordered A Large Diet Coke? Tell Me All about Your Weight Loss Goals.


7. One Loses Weight By Dieting And Exercise. Not Wearing A Wrap for An Hour.


8. One Does Not Simply Eat Crap, Not Exercise And Still Lose Weight.


9. I Lost 1 Pound This Week Time to Reward Myself!


10. When You’re on A Diet And People Keep Bringing Junk Food to Work.

funny memes regarding weight loss


11. I Have Fantasies about Eating Whatever I Want While Still Losing Weight.


12. 68 LBS Down. 5 More to Go And My Blood Work Is Showing All Normal And Healthy.


13. Every Time I Lose Some Weight I Find it Again in The Refrigerator.


14. New Years Resolution to Lose Weight. Stomach Virus.


15. I’ve Been on My Diet for 2 Weeks. I’ve Lost 14 Days!

funny weight loss memes


16. Starting My Fruit Juice Diet. Bottoms Up!


17. When You Find A Food That Is Low Carb That You Would Not Think of.


18. Everyone’s Bragging about Their Diet Success on Facebook And I’m Here Like…


19. My Doctor Said I’m on A Sea Food Diet. So I Guess If I See Food I’m Supposed to Eat It.


20. My Face When Someone Walks in That I Am Supposed to Be on A Diet with.

funniest weight loss meme


Weight loss isn’t easy, we know that. If it was, everyone would be at the top of their game, and no one would be fighting so hard to have the best body possible, but that isn’t the case.

Getting in shape is hard, and be quite tiring sometimes (which is why many people tend to walk away from this path very often) but don’t let that discourage you! Instead, learn to laugh at these funny weight loss memes, and take the whole situation with humor.

As always, we hope you have enjoyed our compilations of memes, and that you liked it so much, you’re ready to now share them with the world! And of course, if you would like to, check out our other memes as well.