20 Comic Girls with Glasses Memes to Make You LOL

We have all seen this particular meme by now, I mean, who hasn’t come across the girls with glasses meme by now? You know, the one that has the black sunglasses on a huge ponytail, the one that came from that famous vine.

Well, turns out the girl with glasses meme is basically a classic and can be used for many, many situations, so of course, we had to put together the very best memes of the bunch to show you this masterpiece.


Best Girls with Glasses Memes

If you don’t know which one is the girl with glasses meme, don’t worry at all, because you are literally about to see a full on compilation about it.

Of course, we also included some other memes about girls with glasses, just for the good fun, and because honestly, everyone with glasses can relate to these kinds of memes.

1. Who Says  Guys Don’t Make Passes at Girls with Glasses?

girl with glasses meme


2. Best Attempt to Be Hipster: Lensless 3D Movie Glasses Her Boyfriend Gave Her.

funny memes for girls with glasses


3. So You’re Telling Me… He Likes Really Smart, White. Girls with Glasses. Omg…

memes about girls with glasses


4. Needs Glasses to Find Lost Glasses.

 memes regarding girls with glasses


5. I Didn’t See That Coming!!!

funny memes for girls with glasses


6. Thick Frame Glasses? Trendy!


7. Girls Be Like Do You Like My Glasses?


8. Are You Calling Me Four Eyes? Glasses Aren’t Eyes!!


9. These Glasses Are Prescription!


10. Big Glasses Makes You A Nerd.

girl with glasses meme


11. Cute Anime Girl With Glasses. I’m Sorry, But Your Argument Is Invalid…


12. Guys Don’t Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses?? Good!!!


13. Glasses Make You Impossible to Love.


14. I Watched My Little Pony Before It Was Cool.


15. I’m Looking So “Good” with My Glasses. Aren’t I?

memes for girl looking good with glasses


16. New Rule. If Your Glasses Don’t Have Lenses, We Get to Gouge Your Eyes Out.


17. Excuse Me, Your Glasses Are Wearing A Face.


18. Always Had A Thing for Girls with Glasses. Girlfriend Gets Glasses Prescribed.


19. Girls Who Wear Glasses Might look Innocent. But Are The Evilest!


20. Take Your Glasses Off Before You Go Out. So You Don’t Notice Boys with Tent in Their Trousers.

popular memes for girls with glasses


Now you know which one is the meme we were talking about? As we said, the girl with the glasses meme is just a classic, and we really hope you enjoyed this quick but funny compilation.

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