50 Happy Birthday Mom Memes for Every Mom Out There

The happy birthday mom meme perfectly summarizes the essence that is moms, from their nit-picking (but caring) ways to their ultimate confusion with anything technology related, to all the things they do for you no matter what. She’s the number 1 woman in your life, as you literally wouldn’t be here without her!

So if you’re looking for inspiration for how to best surprise your mom on her birthday – look no further than the happy birthday mom meme! They’re funny, relatable and just a little bit stereotypical (but that just makes them even better).


Best Happy Birthday Mom Memes

Get out the streamers and balloons, her favorite type of cake, and if you’re feeling totally extra, print out some happy birthday mom memes to hang around the place, and throw her a wonderful party she’s sure to remember for years to come (or however long she continues to stick around for)! It’ll be a day to remember, filled with laughs to keep the spirits high.

Admittedly, sometimes the funniest part of all is that fact that most of the time, moms really just don’t even get what the memes are about in the first place. Record their reactions for laugh-inducing playbacks! And if you’re feeling up for the challenge, try working your way through this list while explaining each of them to her…good luck. Have a look at these crazy mom memes too.

1. Happy Birthday Mom from Your Favorite Daughter.

happy birthday meme for mom

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2. Happy Birthday, Mom. Momma, Motha, Momster, Mother, Mom-erino, Your Mommness, Momma Mia Mommy!

funny happy birthday mom meme


3.  Happy Birthday Mom! You Don’t Look A Day Over 50!

happy birthday memes for your mom


4. Happy Birthday Mom. I Can’t Hide My Happiness.

birthday meme for mom


5. Happy Birthday, Mom. It Will Be Yuuuuuuuuuge.

funny birthday meme for mom


6.  Happy Birthday Mom!! Love, Your Favourite Child… Not That Practice One You Started With.


7. Happy 81st Birthday Mom. Make Today Great Again!


8. You’re How Old Mom?!? But You Don’t Look A Day Over 30! Happy Birthday!

funky happy birthday mom memes


9. Happy Birthday Mom. Sorry I Forgot about The Birthday Gift! Believe Me.

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10. You Are My Favorite Mother. Happy Birthday Mom.


11. Happy Birthday Mom! Hope It’s A Hoppy One!

funny happy birthday mom meme


12. Sprinkling Some Birthday Love. Happy Birthday Mom!


13. Happy Birthday Mom. Sorry for Being Such A Little Shit.


14. Happy Birthday Mom from One Unicorn to Another!

happy birthday mom memes to share

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15. Happy Birthday Mom! I Hope Your Cake at Least 96% Pure.


16. “Oh Dammmmmmmnnmn, It’s Your Birthday!” “So… Will There Be Cake?”


17. So You’re Turning 45 Again? Happy Birthday Mom!

laughable happy birthday mom memes


18. Happy Birthday Mom. Waiting for The Treat.


19. I Wish I Wish for Momma to Have A Good Birthday.


20.  Mom, Mom, Mom. Guess What It Is? Birthday! Happy Birthday!

Memes to your mom happy birthday


21.  Happy Birthday Mum!! What’s It Like Having The Best Son in The World, Me?

happy birthday meme for mom from son


22.  Happy Birthday Mom! You Are The Best of The Best.


23.  Say Happy Birthday to Your Mom So.

happy birthday mom memes to laugh


24.  Say Happy Birthday to Your Mom So. Happy Birthday Mom! From Your Daughter Who Would Rather Lick The Batter Than Make The Cake.


25.  From One Superstar to Another. Happy Birthday Mom.

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26.  Happy Birthday Mom. Your Very “Special”.

special birthday meme for mom


27.  Happy Birthday Mom! Wait, Your Mom Or My Mom?


28.  It’s Your Birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom.


29.  Wise Men Say… Only Fools Don’t Wish Mom A Happy Birthday!

birthday memes to wish moms


30.  Happy Birthday Mom. We’re Green with Envy!


31.  Happy Birthday Pretty Lady.


32. Happy Birthday!!!!!! Who Dare to Smear Cake on Your Face Before Me?

funny birthday mom memes to laugh


33. I Know Your Real Age. Happy Birthday!


34.  Happy Birthday Mom. Even Though You Get on My Nerves I Still Wish You A Happy Birthday.


35.  Singing Happy Birthday Song to Best Mom in The World.

hilarious happy birthday mom memes


36.  Made Mom A Happy Birthday Meme. She Gets It. I’m The Most Favorite Child.

cute happy birthday mom meme


37.  Happy Birthday Mom! Happy Birthday Very Much!


38. Big Hug! Happy Birthday Mom!

happy birthday mom memes


39.  Happy Birthday to The Best Mom Ever!


40.  Happy Birthday Mom. Party in My Mind.


41.  Mom Mom Mom Mommy Mom… Happy Birthday.

popular happy birthday mom memes


42.  Happy Birthday Mom. Now Stop Behaving Like Kids.


43.  Happy Birthday Mom from Your “Special Son”


44.  Happy Birthday Mom. Party Like A Rock Star.

shareable birthday memes for mom


45.  Happy Birthday Mom. Now Change My Diaper.


46.  Happy Birthday to You? I Did All The Work.


47.  I Love You Mom. No Really I Mean It.

happy birthday mom memes to express love


48.  Happy Birthday Mom! Love Your Favorite Child!!!

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49.  Yeah I’m A Mamas Boy, So What? Happy Birthday Mom.. Love from Your #1 Son.

Birthday memes to wish mom


50.  Happy Birthday Mom! All Good?

happy birthday meme for mom


Is your mom’s birthday coming up? What better way to wish her a happy birthday, than with an awesome collage-covered card filled with memes! (Okay, maybe it’s mostly for your own enjoyment, but we’re pretty confident she’ll get a laugh out with these happy birthday mom memes too.)