50 Happy Birthday Sister Memes to Make Her Laugh

The happy birthday sister meme is undoubtedly what your sister needs to wake up to on the morning of each birthday, every single year, and always shared by you.

Gone are the days where you just give a typical ordinary card from the local newsagent to your sister for her birthday, maybe with some nice words on the inside if you’re feeling up to it. These days, the best way to wish your sister a happy birthday is with some epic memes! We guarantee you’ll earn some awesome sibling points if you pick out some good ones and send them her way.


Coolest Happy Birthday Sister Memes to Share

There’s almost always a love/hate relationship with a sister. Sure, you’re probably bonded by blood and have grown up together, shared life experiences and had each others’ backs. But at the same time, there’s likely also been countless fights, arguments, and tattle-tailing on each other. In the grand scheme of things though, you’re siblings and it’s pretty impossible to break that bond!

The funny sister birthday memes can be the perfect way to share your feelings, in a funny rather than lame way. Whether it’s because you didn’t yet get a present, or because she’s your older sister who’s always going to be more ancient than you, or maybe because she’s your younger sister who’s annoying but lovable – you can’t go wrong with our selection of happy birthday sister memes below.


1.  Happy Birthday, Sister! Hope Your Birthday Is Absolutely Bananas!

happy birthday sister meme


2. Happy Birthday Sister. That’s How You Wil Run for The Birthday Gifts.

funny happy birthday sister meme


3. Happy Birthday. Thank You for Always Being Older Than Me.

funny birthday meme about sister


4. Happy Birthday, Little Sister! You’re Adopted.

funny happy birthday memes for sister


5. Happy Birthday, Sister! You’ve Now Turned “29” Five Times!

hilarious birthday memes for sister

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6. Happy Birthday Sister. The Mexicans Will Be Paying for Your Cake. Believe Me.

funny birthday sister meme to laugh


7. I Don’t Always Wish My Awesome Sister Happy Birthday. But When I Do, I Send A Million Texts.


8. Happy Birthday Sister! May Your Birthday Cake Be Moist.


9. Sister…Happy Birthday. Found An Old Picture of You As A Baby.


10. Happy Birthday to My Big Sister!!! Who Will Always Hit Every Decade Before I Do!!

happy birthday big sister meme


11. Happy Birthday Little Sister! You’re Hardly Annoying Anymore.

birthday meme for little sister


12. Happy Birthday to My Sister. This is Her Recent Photo. Please Wish Her A Happy Birthday.


13. Happy Birthday to A Girl Who Has A Pretty Awesome Older Sister!


14. Happy Birthday Sister. Your The Real Black  Wonder Woman.


15. Happy Birthday to My Little Sister. Cause If You Ain’t First, You’re Last!


16. Smile It’s Your Birthday!

birthday meme for sister


17. Happy Birthday Sister. Celebrating Birthday, Can’t Eat Cake Due to Dieting.


18.  Happy Birthday Sister. I Have A Gift for You But I Was Just Joking.


19. Happy Birthday Sister.


20. I Can’t Believe There Isn’t A ” Happy Birthday to My Big Sister I Found on FB” Card.

happy birthday memes for sister


21. 39 (Again) Has Never Looked So Good. Happy Birthday Little Sister.

funny birthday meme for little sister


22. Happy Birthday to My Sweet Sister.

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23. Happy Birthday Little Sister! Why You No Stay Little?


24. Coolest Old Chick Ever… Besides You, Of Course! Happy Birthday!


25. Happy Birthday Sister. Your Gift Is Here.


26. Did You Just Continue Scrolling After I Told You It’s My Sister’s Birthday.

happy birthday meme for elder sister


27. Remembered Sisters Birthday Without Facebook.


28. Happy Birthday to The Best Sister in The World.


29. Happy Birthday Sister. Don’t Tell Mom That I Came Late Last Night.

happy birthday little sister meme


30. Be Happy, Sister! It’s Your Birthday.


31. Happy Birthday Sister. Is Bathing Necessary to Join Your Birthday Party?

funniest happy birthday sister meme


32. Happy Birthday Sister. Last Day in Your 30’s.. Or Was It?


33. I Want to Wish You A Very Happy Birthday Just So You Know… I Love Cake.


34. Happy 18th Birthday Sister. Live in The Moment.


35. I Forgot to Post on Your Facebook!!! Happy Birthday Sister!!


36. Wait… One Minute! It’s My Sister’s Birthday! Happy Bday Baby Girl.


37. Happy Birthday Sister! I Will Find You And I Will Wish You A Happy Birthday!


38. Just Called to Say Happy Birthday Btw… Ate Your Cake.


39. Happy Birthday Sister. I Have A Gift for You I Was Just Joking.


40. Who’s A Birthday Girl? You’re A Birthday Girl.

cute happy birthday sister meme


41. Happy Birthday Sister! Celebrating Birthday, Can’t Eat Cake, Due To Dieting.


42. Happy Birthday Love. Your Sis… Now Don’t Look At Me.


43. Happy Birthday Sister! Going to Get A Car As Your Birthday Gift.


44. My Sister Is Magical. Don’t Joke with Her Birthday.


45. Happy Birthday Sister. Now Tell Me Who Told Mom about The Exam Grades.

funny birthday memes for sister


46. Wait A Minute… Wait A Minute. Today is My Sister’s Birthday Day… Please Help Me Wish Her A Happy 35th Birthday!!!


47. Carry This Birthday Cake to My Big Sister? Oops! … Butterfingers.


48. I Don’t Often Wish Old Women A Happy Birthday But Since You Are My Sister, I’ll Make An Exception.


49. Happy Birthday Sister. Until Now I’m Asking God Why He Gave Me A Sister Like You.

happy birthday sister memes


50. Sis, Take It Slow Girl. Happy Birthday Though.

funny birthday memes for sister


Pick out your favorites, and send a happy birthday sister meme to your sibling. It’s the best way to celebrate memorable occasions and can be laughed about together for many years to come. We guarantee it!