30 Hurt Feelings Memes To Trigger The Emotions

When somebody makes fun of you or acts offensively, a hurt feelings meme is all you need. Without having to speak a word, this meme perfectly conveys how you (and others around you) might be feeling! They’re also injected with just the right amount of funniness, to make light of the situation and get the whole crowd laughing. It’s a great way to lift even the most serious of moods.


Best Memes About Hurt Feelings

Is someone overreacting to something you said? Are people making a big deal over the tiniest thing? These are the perfect situations just waiting for a hurt feelings meme to snap people back to reality! With a quick laugh and the awkward realization that things really aren’t that bad, it’s surprisingly useful in all kinds of situations.

These memes use all kinds of characters, both real and fictional, to create funny and highly relatable scenarios of feelings getting hurt. Most of the time, they’re quite exaggerated so it becomes pretty funny! With over the top reactions and totally dramatic looks of devastation, these memes take getting your feelings hurt to a whole other level.

While you might initially feel sorry for whoever’s in the meme looking so sorrowful, you’ll soon be chuckling by the time you read the captions and realize the true story behind it! When you are done reading all try these funny positive memes to laugh from time to time.


1. Welp That’s Enough, Hurt feelings for The Day.

funny hurt feelings meme


2. You Got Your Feelings Hurt By A Post? You Must Be New Here.

hurt feelings memes to laugh

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3. You Hurt My Feelings. OUCH!

funny hurt feelings meme


4. Can’t Hurt Feelings If You Don’t Have Any…

hilarious hurt feelings meme


5. You Hurt My Feelings With Words And Pictures And Now I Hope Your Page Die.

hurt feelings meme


6. When Someone Tries to Hurt Your Feelings But The Military Destroyed Them Years Ago, “Well… Bye”.


7. Want Your Feelings Hurt? Cheers! Keep Lurking!


8. Oh So U Wanna Hurt My Feelings!


9. You’re Trying to Hurt My Feelings, Aren’t You?


10. Can You Please Stop? You’re Hurting My Feelings…

memes about hurt feelings


11.I’m Not Speaking to You. You Hurt My Feelings.


12. I’m Sorry I Hurt Your Feelings When I Called You Stupid. I Really Thought You Already Knew.


13. You Have Hurt My Feelings. Luckily My Feelings Regenerate Twice The Speed of A Normal Man.


14. When Someone Tries to Hurt Your Feelings But You’re Dead Inside And Haven’t Been Able to Feel for Years!


15. I Hurt Your Feelings? Good.

hurt feelings meme to laugh


16. You Hurt My Feelings. When I Get Home I Am Going to Cry All Night.

cute hurt feelings meme


17. Ohh…I Hurt Your Feeling. But Did You Die?


18. Too Bad They Don’t Make Band-Aids for Hurt Feelings…

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19. I Don’t Always Hurt Peoples Feelings But When I Do, I Damn Near Hurt Every Last One of Them.


20. Fill Out A Hurt Feelings Report.

Memes regarding hurt feelings


21. Be Careful with Facebook. It May Just Hurt Your Feelings.


22. Do You Want to Hurt My Feelings? Because That Combative Tone Is How Your Hurt My Feelings.


23. Here’s A Band-Aid For Your Hurt Feelings.


24. You Just Hurt My Feelings… Just Kidding, I Have No Feelings…


25. Awww did I Hurt Your Feelings? Deal with It!


26. That’s Not Funny, That Hurt My Feelings Bro!


27. The Internet… Hurt My Feelings!

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28. Did You Say That I Hurt Your Feelings? That Just Makes Me Want To Hurt Your Face…


29. What Snowflake? Your Feelings Got Hurt? Use Your Smartphone Your Daddy Bought for You And Call Someone That Cares.

hurt feelings meme to laugh


30. You Hurted My Wittle Feeling!

cute hurt feelings meme


Whether you want to make light of an offensive situation, or are genuinely wanting to express how you feel – the hurt feelings meme is both effective and versatile. Keep a couple of these handy, ready to send off at the appropriate moment!