50 Popular Mean Girls Memes for Every Situation

The mean girls meme will never go out of style, for as long as those kinds of people remain around the place! We’ve collected our favorites, which get us laughing in stitches every single time.

From the typical “it” girls to the brainless blondes to the introverted nerds in the corner to the cute guy you can’t get your hands on, Mean Girls meme covers it all for any typical high-schooler. But it doesn’t end there! We’ve found that even into your 20s and beyond, they’re still all too relatable.


Classic Mean Girls Memes

For those who are in the tiny minority of people who have sadly missed out on ever watching Mean Girls… (Go get a copy and watch it now! You won’t regret it!) here’s the backstory. It’s an American teen comedy following the escapades of a girl attending public high school for the first time and her experiences with stereotypically hilarious cliques and bullies.

What this quickly led to was an explosion of mean girls memes that are funny and catch-phrases which are making appearances even in everyday conversations!

“The number of times you can watch Mean Girls → the limit does not exist.” – this is probably the most accurate representation of the cult-like following that mean girls have, and why the mean girls meme is taking over the internet! We’re totally not surprised, and in fact, we’re secretly just loving it.


1. Boss: Why Are You Late Again? Me: Why Are You So Obsessed With Me?

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2. By The Time She Has Enough Plastic Surgery To Get In. She’ll Be Michael Jackson.

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3. I Can’t Go To Taco Bell Jeff! Is Gluten A Carb… Maybe They’ll Have Tostitos.

hilarious mean girls meme


4. Is Butter A Carb? Butter Is Everything.

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5. Cross Mean Girls Over with Harry Potter Again. I Will Find You And I Will Kill You.

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6. If You’re The “Dark Lord”, Why Are You Pale?


7. Like Why Are You So Obsessed With Me.

Why Are You Like These Memes to Share


8. I Can’t Go Out. I’m Sick.


9. Stop Trying To Make It Happen. It’s Not Going To Happen.


10. You’re Not Pretending Anymore. You’re Plastic: Cold, Shiny, Hard Plastic.

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11. On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink.

popular mean girls meme


12. When Your Kids Keep Climbing On Top Of You And Following You Around While They Cry.


13. Who Will Be Alone On Valentine’s Day?


14. Is Pumpkin Spice A Carb?


15. You Can’t Just Know Mean Girls Quotes. It’s Like Social Suicide.


16. On Friday We Wear Orange.

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17. You Can Sit with Us.


18. Me For The Next Three Months…

meme about mean girls


19. When Your Boyfriend Asks If You’ll Be Ready Within An Hour.

funny mean girl meme


20. She Took Him Back. Regina Took Aaron Back!

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21. So You Agree? You Think You’re Really Pretty.


22. Thanksgiving is The One day A Year Everyone Can Eat Like A Total Fatass And Nobody Can Say Anything About It.

humorous mean girl meme


23. I Heard The Devil Is Mad And Tiffany Spurgeon Don’t Care.


24. I’m  Sorry People Are So Jealous Of Me. But I Can’t Help  It That I’m So Popular.


25. I Know What You Are. I’m A Mouse. Duh!


26. Northeast Mean Girls. We Always Wear pink On Wednesdays.

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27. Girl Translation #3…


28. When You And Your Friends Hear What Someone You Thought Was Innocent Did.


29. When I Think About How Much Peanut Butter I Could Eat.


30. If You’re From Africa, Why Are You White?

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31. When Someone Asks How Petty I Am…..


32. Disney Princesses As Mean Girls…

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33. Regina George Is The Epitome of A Mean Girl.


34. Get In Loser. We’re Going To The Crystal Method.


35. Oh My God Karen.  You Can’t Just Ask Someone What their Preferred Gender Pronoun Is.


36. Stop Trying To Make Coffee Happen. It’s Not Going To Happen.

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37. When Someone Says They Eat Meat To Be Healthy.

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38. I Don’t Give Rim Jobs. I Just Get Them.


39. On Friday Nights We Have A Girls Night Out With Dirty Girl Farm.


40. Is Being A Bitch A Carb?

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41. On National Yearbook Day, We Buy Our Yearbooks.


42. On Sundays We Meal Prep.


43. It’s Like I Have ESPN Or Something.


44. Girls Now Days Think It’s Funny And Coolto Be Mean. I Guess They Don’t Plan On Growing Up To Be A Lady!


45. On Wednesdays, We Drink Wine.

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46. Your Wearing Sweatpants? Ha.Ha. Funny.


47. I was Driving With My Dad The Other Day And He Told Me To Get The Map Out Of The Glovebox. I Said, “Easy there Indiana Jones, I will Google It.


48. I Have Fifth Sense. Its Like Have ESPN Or Something.


49. I Know Regina George.. One Time, She Punched Me In The Face…It Was Awesome.

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50. On Wednesdays, We Eat Wings.

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Just when we think the mean girls meme has peaked, it makes an epic comeback. They’re simply too funny to pass by, and the hilarity of the high school experience is one that we can’t resist but laugh at!