20 Need a Hug Meme to Warm You Up

Life can get quite stressing sometimes, and during those days that seem to have no end, when hours seem to keep going without never really passing through, there’s nothing like a meme, and these need a huge meme compilation, show exactly that feeling.

Whether it is that you just had a really long day, or you are just having a difficult moment trying to get your good mood up, these need a hug meme will get you on the right track quickly!


Funny Need a Hug Meme

Not everything about these memes is about how hard life is, they are also how sometimes all we really need is a hug, and how everything seems to be better once someone finally hugs our worries away!

So, if you’re having a rough day, or you just simply want to laugh for a little while, take a few minutes to check out these need a hug meme compilation, trust us, it will be worth it of your time.

1. A Best Friend Knows If You Need A Hug… Or A Slap!

need a hug meme


2. I’m In Need Of A Hug, But Not Just From Anyone, I Want One From You.

need a hug meme


3. You Look Stressed. Do You Need A Hug???

need a hug meme


4. I Need A Hug. Can I Borrow A Hug Please? I Promise!!!  I’ll Give You It Back.

need a hug meme


5. I Can’t Decide If I Need A Hug Or Three Months Of Sleep!

need a hug meme


6. Sometimes I’m Just Like… I Need A Hug.


7. You Need A Hug Around The Neck with A Rope.


8. I Feel So Alone… I Think I Need A Hug.


9. It’s Thursday, I Need A Hug.


10. I Need A Hug… Trust Me The Scissors in My Back Pocket Are Just for Decoration!!!


11. Need A Hug? So What Are You Waiting for?


12. Het Girl, I Heard You Need A Hug!


13. “You Look Like You Need A Hug”. Me:


14. Raise Your Hand if You Need A Hug.


15. Sometimes You Need A Hug to Get You Through the Day…


16. Even The Strongest People Need A Hug Sometimes.


17. Sometimes All You Need Is A Hug from The Right Person And All Your Stress Will Melt Away.

need a hug meme


18. I Feel You. You Need A Big Hug.

need a hug meme


19. Sometimes in Life, We Just Need A Hug… No Words, No Advice, Just A Hug to Make You Feel You, Matter.

need a hug meme


20. Does Someone Need A Hug?

need a hug meme


Now that our need a hug meme compilation is over, you are probably ready to go out and hug the very first person that crosses your path, and that’s great, but there’s a little thing you should do first!

Like usual, don’t forget to share these memes with anyone that you might think needs a little hug (and of course a little laugh!) Share them with your friends and your family, or with whoever you want!

Of course, you can also check out the other meme compilations we have available if you wanna keep on laughing. We have a little bit of everything, so you won’t ever get bored!