40 Old Lady Memes That Are Way Too Real

The old lady meme epitomizes the elderly women in your life – with a particular emphasis on the funniest sides to them! Whether it’s your grandma, your own mom, or other old ladies you know, the old lady memes draw on the stereotypes to create wondrous memes you can’t help but laugh about.

Now they are a key part of so many hilarious memes out across social media, being shared to thousands of people and commented on by hundreds or more. Honestly, we’re not surprised. Something’s just inherently funny about the mischief that old grannies can get up to!


Popular Memes about Old Lady

One of our favorite old lady memes is the one with the elderly woman peering through her spectacles at a laptop in front of her. This meme is simply begging for hilarious commentary about tech, social media and everything computer-related! In fact, they’re spot on with their accuracy every single time as well.

As long as you remain conscious not to be offensive to elderly women, the old woman memes are a guaranteed winner among meme lords and ladies alike. They’re great for sharing and even greater to laugh about with family and friends! You can also read funny family memes and relate them.


1. It’s Ok Computer…I Go to Sleep After 20 Minutes of Inactivity Too.

old lady meme


2. Oh Dear, I Just Cut That Poor Fellow Off Better Slow Down So He Doesn’t Think I’m A Maniac!

funny old lady meme


3. Me…Trying to Figure Out Snapchat.

funny memes about old women


4. Gmail? No, I Need Email.

old woman memes


5. Quit Clutching Your Pearls And Start Writing Some Conflict.

old lady memes to laugh


6. In Me Dead Mum’s Car. Broom Broom.


7. Speed Limit 70? 30  Sounds Fine.


8. Back In My Day Cream Pie Was A Recipe.


9. Coolest Old Chick Ever… Besides You, Of Course! Happy Birthday!


10. They See Me, Rollin. They Hatin.

funny old lady memes


11. If You Make Me Late for Bingo, I’ll Make You Late Permanently!


12. Smoking? Bad for Your Health? Nonsense! I’ve Been Smoking for 42 Years, And It Hasn’t Done A Thing to Me.


13. Happy Birthday! I Didn’t Know What to Get You, So Here’s $100.


14. 5’2” 100lbs Will Hit You Harder Than A Grown Man On Steroids.


15. Facebook? This Isn’t A Book at All.

funny old lady memes to laugh


16. You Broke Your Arm? In My Day We Didn’t Whine About Our Problems.

You Are Doing It Wrong Memes to Laugh


17. Still Loading? I Was 19 When I Clicked This Link.


18. Walking Slow When She’s in Front Of You. Speed of A Light When She Sees Free Seat in A Bus.


19. We Will Always Be Friends Till We Are Old And Senile… Then We Can Be New Friends.


20. I Can’t Wait to Call The Bank to See If My Check That’s Always There Has Been Deposited.

old woman memes to relate


21. Life’s Too Life’s Too Short-Long to Worry to Wait?

memes about old lady

Cheerful Life Is Good Memes


22. Weird Old Lady Marmalade.


23. Well, Damn… This Gym Membership Is Cheaper Than The Strip Club. Work It Big Daddy!


24. Bingo Tonight! It’s Gonna Cray Cray Up in Here!!


25. Me… Trying to Figure Out Snapchat.

hilarious memes about old ladies


26. Real Estate Contracts Back in My Day We Needed 4 Paper Copies of Contracts, Not This Electronic Signing Poppycock.

wat old lady meme


27. Graduates from Elementary School Retires.


28. Happy Birthday And Cheers, Old Lady! But, Seriously, I Was Gonna Drink Anyway.


29. Has Driver License Since World War I. Doesn’t Realise There Are Other People on The Road


30. Who Says Teaching Is Stressful? I’m 39 And I Feel Great!

old woman memes to laugh


31. Tracking My Cookies? They Will Never Get My Recipe!

hilarious old lady meme


32. Gets Splashed With Dishwater. “I Haven’t Got This Wet in 30 Years.”


33. You Should Totally Date Old Ladies. Cause If Yoy Threw A Party, You Would See The Biggest Gift Would Be from Me.


34. You Will Come to A Party. Don’t You?


35. Got A Birthday Card from The Funeral Home… I’m Not Impressed. They Only Want Me for My Body.

old lady birthday meme


36. Your Face When They Tell You The Correct Number of Candles on Their Birthday Cake.

funniest old lady meme


37. I Noticed That You’re Gangster. I’m Pretty Gangster Myself.


38. Merry Christmas: School Mascot Socks.


39. Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones But Life Alert Can Save Me.

laughable old woman memes


40. Guns Don’t Kill People. Old Age Does.

old lady meme


Don’t be afraid to try sharing an old lady meme or two with your grandma (or mom!) to see their reaction. They might not get it at first, but once it clicks you’ll both be in stitches over it. Share one today and drop a comment down below telling us how the experience went!