20 Tall Girl Memes to Tickle Your Funny Bone

Being a tall girl ain’t easy, there are so many things tall girls go through that might not seem like a big deal for shorter girls, that it is impossible to count them. But luckeñiy we have this tall girl meme compilation to let you know what it feels like to be really tall.

I mean, tall girls have to deal with the fact most clothes don’t fit them (you know, long legs!) most guys are smaller than they are, their friends are usually shorter too, and they always, always stand up in a crowd!


Humorous Tall Girl Memes

You will see in this tall girl memes, not everything is as bad as everyone makes it seem. Like, yes, tall girls have to deal with almost everyone being smaller, but that’s kinda fun if you take it with a little bit of humor.

So, whether you know a tall girl, or you are one tall girl yourself, get ready to enjoy these tall girl meme compilation we have got for you! Believe us, you will be able to relate to most of them, but also laugh at them!

1. Short Girls Are Cute, Dimple Girls Are Gorgeous, Girls With Glass Are Beautiful. And Tall Girls? Everyone Is Jealous Of Them.

tall girl meme


2. My Legs Are Far Longer Than My Patience For Your Jokes About My Height.

funny tall girl memes


3. Dear Short Girls, Stop Taking All The Tall Guys!!! Us Tall Girls Look Stupid With Short Guys…

tall girl meme


4. I Don’t Need A Ladder To Reach Something, Because I’m Tall Enough.

memes about tall girl


5. I’m Tall. Are You Not Amazed?

funny tall girl memes


6. A Tall Man Dates a Short Woman And Nobody Bats An Eye. A Tall Woman Dates A Short Man And Everyone Loses Their Minds!


7. The Look You Give Another Tall Girl…

tall girl meme


8. My Legs Are So Long, Every Dress Looks Short.


9. Not Sure if Staring Because They Find Me Attractive Or Because I’m Too Tall…


10. The Next Time Someone Tells You “Your Legs Are Too Long”, Put Them to Good Use.


11. Every Girl Is Pretty in Her Own Ways But There Is Something Different about Tall Girls. They Are Classy.


12. When He Sees You Stand Up for The First Time!


13. Guy, Of Course, Every Tall Girl Needs A Short Best Friend!


14. The Look, When You See A Girl As Tall As You.

funny tall girl memes


15.Hey Girl… I Like A Tall Woman.

memes about tall girl


16. Meets Attractive Tall Girl, She Doesn’t Mind Short Guys.


17. So, Short Guys Go for Short Girls, And Tall Guys Go for Short Girls. What Do The Tall Girls Get? Cats, mostly.


18. Hey Girl, Yeah You, The Tall One… I Like Your Hair.


19.If Every Short Girl Needs A Tall Guy Does Every Short Guy Need A Tall Girl?

memes about tall girl


20. How I React When They Tell Me I Shouldn’t Wear Heels…

tall girl meme


As you might have noticed, being a tall girl in a world of shorties really isn’t that easy, but to be honest, it’s quite fun as well. You get to intimate people even though you are probably super sweet, and get to look amazing without any heels!

So, if you enjoyed this tall girl meme compilation, remember to share it with your other tall (or short) friends too! And of course, remember to take a look at the other memes we’ve got for you.

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