20 Woman Calling Police Memes for Guaranteed Giggles

When a woman calling police meme hit social media, it instantly became an internet sensation. We’re not surprised! These memes are incredibly versatile and so funny used to make fun of anyone who dares to tattletale unnecessarily.


Funniest Woman Calling The Police Memes

What makes these memes so funny is the stories behind them. Interestingly enough, there’s actually more than one, which is likely why memes about woman calling the police or 911 have so quickly taken the internet by storm.

Heard of Permit Patty? She’s the star of the viral video showing a white woman calling the police on an 8-year-old black girl for supposedly selling water illegally without a permit on the sidewalk. How ridiculous!

What about BBQ Becky? Yet another white woman starring in a viral video, as she’s calling the police on two black men because they’re cooking on a charcoal BBQ in the park. Scandal!

The woman calling police meme has rapidly become a viral sensation. Many consider it proof and evidence of black racism, embracing its virality through social media as a platform for discussion. Others just can’t help laughing over the total ridiculousness of those kinds of situations, that sadly, actually do happen in today’s world. If you want to laugh more, read these going crazy memes.

We’ve collected the best of these memes to share with you here. Save and share your favorites!


1. Hello, 911? Three Black Kids Are Planning The Next School Shooting In The Park.

woman calling police meme


2. Hello Police? The Neighbours Are Drinking And Barbecuing On Their Porch Again.

woman calling police meme


3. Hello Officer! He Put Ketchup on My Egg!!!

woman calling police meme


4. Saw A Drunk Driver On The Road And Called Police. Got A Ticket For Talking On Phone While Driving!

woman calling police meme


5. Hello Officer! My Ex Post A Picture With His New Girlfriend!

woman calling police meme


6. Hello Police? They Are Dancing Without Any Reason!


7. Hello, 911! Two People Are Using The Crosswalk…


8. I Would Like To Report a Clown.911: Go Ahead. It’s Me.911: You Are Not  A Clown. Then Why Did He Treat My Love As A Joke?


9. Officer, I Want You to Know, I Have A Plastic Straw in My Drink.


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10. I Need to Call The Police. I’m Being Followed.


11. I’m Calling The Police on A Little Black Kid. No Selling Water.

woman calling police meme


12. A White Lady Called The Cops Because She Saw A Black Woman Sleeping? What Did She Say? “I Know She’s Sleeping, But Who Knows What She Could Be Dreaming. The Last Time They Had A Dream, We Had to Let Them Vote.”

woman calling police meme


13. Yes, I See A Weapon of Mass Destruction, They’re Calling Their Tea “Sweet Tea” Apparently The Tea Is Already Sweetened With Real Sugar…


14. “Hello 911?” “They’re Calling It ‘Seasoning’.”


15. Yes, Officer, I’d Like to Report, No One Is Eating My Potato Salad.


16. He Called It Seasoning Salt But I Think It’s A New Drug… Made My Lips Burn.


17. 911?? They’ve Got A Piece of The Pie!!


18. Hello, 911? Yeah, Can I Get Uhhhhhh Some Police Brutality Over Here?


19. Black People Are Existing. Please Send Help Immediately.

woman calling police meme


20. Hi, Oakland Police? They Wouldn’t Put Raisins in The Potato Salad.

woman calling police meme


From Permit Patty to BBQ Becky, the above woman calling police memes are utterly hilarious. While it might be hard to believe they’re real people who actually had the nerve to call the police so unnecessarily, they’ve become such funny memes that are definitely going down in history!