20 Classic Indian Bridal Hairstyles for A Stunning Look

The Indian wedding is a festive event where the male and female souls come together as one.  Being in the 21st century, the Indian bridal hairstyles have tremendously changed. However, the authenticity of a true Indian aura and style has been maintained throughout the hairstyles.


What to Look for When Choosing A Bridal Hairstyle

Picking your wedding hairstyle will be dependent on you. Your dress, hair type, age, face shape will have to be taken into consideration. If your dress is long, specifically rubbing against the floor then your hairstyle can be long to coincide with it. Also, if your hair is thin then a shorter hairstyle will be perfect for the blunt look. As well as, the older you are you may go for a shorter hairstyle to make you look younger. Lastly, if your face shape is long then bobs or side ponytails would be great for you.

Here are 20 Indian bridal hairstyles to choose from for your wedding day:


Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Long Hair

The Traditional Braided Hairstyle

traditional indian bridal hairstyles

This is a traditional hairstyle for Indian bride where the hair is braided down neatly beyond the bride-to-be’s waist. You will be able to rock this hairstyle if your hair is not only long but thick as well.

Then, the braid is decorated with accessories such as hair clips, hair jewelry and flowers. Lastly, the middle part is decoration with the “Maang Tikka” which is an Indian ethnic accessory.


Voluminous Updo

Voluminous Updo for Indian Bride

The sheen exemplifies this hairstyle. As well as, the intricacies of the updo with the different hairpins to add more texture to the hair. The hair is placed in an updo which was wrapped across, therefore you need a lot of hair. Lastly, she is wearing the Indian ethnic accessory to commemorate the look.


Long Curly/Wavy Hairstyle

curly hairstyle for indian bride

A perfect bridal hairstyle for Indian women who have waist length curly or wavy hairstyle. It can also work for straight hair if you braid it the night before day. The curls are pinned away from the bride’s face using any hair accessory.

In this picture, she used flowers which added subtle extravagance to the look. Lastly, you can wear the “Maang Tika” to add the authentic Indian look. If you love long hair, check out these long hairstyles for wedding.


Braided Bun with Fresh Flowers

indian bridal hairstyles with braided bun

Another hairstyle suitable for longer hair because the length would be used to create the braided bun. The hair is pulled into a ponytail which is then braided and forms the bun.

In the middle of the bun, you can place gold accents or additional flowers. As well as, the flower band can be worn at the back or front of the bun. This hairstyle is more popular in Indian communities where flowers are adored.


Curly Messy Braided Hairstyle

curly messy braided hairstyle for indian bride

This is very similar to the traditional Indian bridal hairstyle, however, the hair is curly and swooped to one side. The hair is braided very loosely to show the curls. In addition, the braids are gently pulled apart to enhance the messiness of the curls. This allows your hair to look subtly messy.  As well as, you can add flowers to enhance the look.


Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Medium-length Hair

Loose Waves

This beautiful hairstyle was sported by Miss Universe 2000, Priyanka Chopra. Her medium length hair has loose curls which adds volume and texture to the look. You can add hair accessories such as flowers, clips or jewelry. As well as adding a veil which will add more authenticity to the look.


Intricate Braided Updo

Perfect for medium length hair because there is less hair to work with. The hair is pulled back into a low messy bun. Then, two braids are pulled into the bun as well. The braids and messy bun adds texture to the hairstyle. Ensure to add accessories to and a veil to add to the authenticity of the style.


Side Swoop Curls with Veil

indian bridal hairstyle with side swoop curls

Another traditional Indian hairstyle whereby the veil covers a portion of the bride’s hair. As well as, the design is similar to the jewelry, and wedding dress. Her hair is bobby-pinned to her best side. Then, the ends are lightly curled which adds texture to the hair.

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Bejeweled Bun Indian Style

The hair jewelry in the middle of the bun lends an air of sophistication to the bridal hairstyle. Definitely perfect for medium to waist length hairstyles because the hair length aids in shaping the bun. As well as, you can add beads or flowers around the base of the bun to add more flair.


Loose Fringe With Low Messy Bun

The hair is pulled back into a curly yet messy bun. And, there is a loose curly hair fringe on one side which is normally your best side. Lastly, the Maang Tika lays empirically on her forehead.


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Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Short Hair

Tucked Away Updo

A beautiful ethnic Indian hairstyle for your special wedding day. It’s perfect for short hair because the hair is tucked back. Then, the Maang Tika Crown is worn as a hair and headpiece to embrace the Indian tradition.


Bedazzled Low Bob

Another beautiful Indian bridal hairstyle for your short hair. In this style, all of your are combed to your best side. Then, flowers are added to the ends to add glam. As well as, hair stones are placed along the perimeter of your hair to accentuate it. You can wear even more hair accessories if you so desire.

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Pixie Cut

pixie cut for indian bride

Who says you can’t wear a pixie cut as a bride? Said no one, ever. Once the hair is cut to frame your face well by embracing your bold eyes or eyebrows or covering your forehead. Also, you can add flowers to your best side to accentuate the bridal hairstyle.


Bob Hair

A very short and spicy look. You may or may not add apart depending on your preference. Also, placing all your hair behind your ears through the use of the bejeweled headband will assist in bring out your features. You can choose to wear a veil to remain true to the authentic Indian tradition.


Curly Bob

A bob doesn’t have to be plain. You can add some curls! Placing subtle curls or waves to add more texture to the hair. As well as, parting the hair so that there are more curls on your best side.


Bridal Hairstyles for Indian Women With Round Face

Low Curls with Volume

Long curls frame a round face very well. In addition, adding curls to the end using your hot tools will give the hair more texture. If you have naturally thick hair, it will the necessary volume to your roots. Lastly, you can choose to highlight the ends for the beautiful contrasting feature.


Side Long Curly Ponytail

Very similar to the first hairstyle however the hair is placed in a ponytail to her best side. In addition, the top has a hump which gives the hair body, as opposed to it being flat. Lastly, the ponytail has long curls to add texture. You can add hair jewelry to add more flair to the look.

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Braided Updo

braided updo for indian bride

This Indian bridal hairstyle of a queen. You can braid, like in the picture, or flat twist the front of your hair back into the updo. Then, add hair jewels along the braid or twists to spice up the look. The braids and cornrows enhance the quality of the style. As well as, the updo gives the hair volume, especially if your hair is short.


Curly Half Up, Half Down

The low curls frame emphasizes her youthful feature. As well as, it brings out her striking features such as her eyes, nose, as well as cheekbones. The hair is a half up, half down and the ends are curled for flair.


Layered Long Hair

long layered hairstyle for indian bride

Long hair suits a round face very well, and so does the hairstyle. Her hair is combed and curled. The curls emphasize the natural thickness of her hair. Also, her hair is combed backward which creates volume at the top.


All of these Indian bridal hairstyles are perfect for various hair lengths, and face shapes. Which hairstyle will you be wearing?