12 Short Black Hairstyles with Bangs That’ll Blow Your Mind

One trend which we can’t fail to mention is the beautiful short black hairstyles with bangs. The year indisputably belonged to the women throughout the globe. It was only fair that this wave of change brought with itself a bold statement.

And so, we saw this buoyant trend being cladded by various celebrities as well as the common population in plural variations and manners.


Amazing Short Hairstyles with Bangs for Black Women

Black women and short hair go hand in hand. Along with bangs, the style becomes more trendy. Here are the top 12 ways you can style those short black hair with bangs and make a statement of your own.

1. Subtle Short Length Cut with Side Bangs

Subtle Short Length Cut with Side Bangs

A classic short cut accompanied by the texturized and wavy side bangs for short black hair would be the way to go during the hot summer days.

Ideal for:  People with wavy and curly hair could never go wrong with this cut. Furthermore, round faces invite an accentuated focus on the eyes and cheekbones with this subtle hairdo.

How to Style:  Wavy and curly lengths of this haircut could be stylized by the aid of pomade or mousse. A light blow dry in the end would sum it up perfectly.


2. The Long Uneven Bob Cut

short bob with side bangs

This famous bob cut mixed with a bit of unevenness in layer lengths but offers the same sharp cut look.

Ideal for: Another black short hair with bangs hairstyle that can be pulled off by any face shape or structure. The classic nature of the cut tracing the face gives a sharp blonde highlighted look bringing out the facial features. And the long-short uneven bangs lengths on both sides gives it a mixed casual/formal look.

How to Style:  The deep long side bangs for short hair require air drying and straightening and product to give a confident look filled with volume.


3. Trimmed Sides with Deep Side Bangs

short hairstyle with side bangs

Another vociferous hairstyle which sees the sides trimmed short along with deep, lengthy side bangs in volume.

Ideal for:  Once again, round faces pair perfectly with this hairstyle. The trimmed sides give the face a more structured view while the bangs haircut for black hair offers the augmentation of the cheekbones and eyes.

How to Style:  A small amount of mousse will offer the adequate volume suitable for the look. Blow dry towards the side and finally consolidate the look with some hairspray.


4. Wavy Side Bangs

wavy side bangs for black women

A short cut accompanied by long top side swept bangs is the way to go during the fancy hours for black women.

Ideal for:  Round faces go well with this innocent look, making the eyes the highlighted feature of the face.

How to Style:  The back and the sides require an adolescent short length cut. However, the top length needs a long overcasting which would be straightened and swept across the forehead. It is to provide a hard to miss sophistication to the overall look.


5. Short Petered Out Bangs

short bangs for black women

A simple variation of the last hairdo. This includes the same trimmed short sides but with short texturized bangs – not too long in length.

Ideal for:  This hairstyle of bangs along with short black hair is perfect for the diamond-shaped faces, for it highlights the facial cuts and gives a clean, structured look.

How to Style:  Minimal use of products is required in this hairstyle. However light air drying and some, in the end, will do the job for you.


6.  The Promising Pixie

A crop cut variant, classically known as the Pixie cut offers a boyish cute and comfortable look.

Ideal for:  One of the most easily maintained black short hair with bangs style that suits almost every face shape and cuts. This hairstyle is impeccable for a casual, cozy season.

How to Style: The sides and the bangs are cut short with the top left long. Suitable for casual days with a bit of airdrying and mousse.


7. The Straightened Texturized Bangs

The Straightened Texturized Bangs for Black Women

A curious mixture of short texturized and deep long side bangs, this hairdo could do wonders. It sees long side-cuts along a deep side bang cast over the forehead with a light presence of short bangs on the forehead

Ideal for: This black short hair with bangs hairstyle works best with long faces and with diamond shaped ones, accentuating the eyes as well the jawline.

How to Style: The sheer straightening of the hair swept to one side of the face and little product to the side layers. Finish it off with minimal hair spraying.


8. The Thin Side Bangs

thin side bangs for short hair

Another curious look offering a look filled with volume and augmented features

Ideal for: The people struggling with thin hair could go with this cut which gives a volume full look and adds to the features

How to Style: A substantial length to the layers as well as the bangs is required. Use of a little mousse will make the bangs for the short black hair look more highlighted and fuller, hiding the thin hair factor.


9. Even Bob with Side Bangs

black women's bob with bangs

Once again, the classic bob cut is back, but this time symmetry is a must. The cherry on top, however, is the side-swept bangs.

Ideal for:  Same as earlier, bob cuts go with everything. The tracing, however, is the essence providing the highlights, and the look is freshened up with the side bangs.

How to Style: The even cut of the layers along the facial structure is the focal point. And finally, the long bangs swept to the side with the help of a straightener, and some spray completes this “never to go wrong” look.


10. The Sleek Boyish Pixie

The Pixie returns once again but this time with a little more volume and featuring sleek, striking long side bangs

Ideal for:  Oval and round faces are in for a treat for this hairstyle doesn’t disappoint.

How to Style: Short texturized layers and back will attain the Pixie look, however, the top would remain elongated, swept across the forehead with a hairdryer giving the sleek side bangs providing the boyish pixie look.


11. Trimmed and Straightened

straight bangs for black women

This gorgeous black short hair with bangs look comes with one-sided trimmed short hair and deep elegantly straightened bangs.

Ideal for:  This one is hard to pull off but worth a try. Long and diamond-shaped faces would be interested. The acute straightened long bangs give a clean and sharp look while bringing the focus to the cheekbones and the eyes, making one hard to miss.

How to Style:  The cut requires a one-sided trimmed short hair with bangs while the top the other sided layer is acutely straightened and swept across the face. With some extensive straightening and spraying it will provide a valiant look.


12. Trimmed and Wavy

black women's short hair with bangs

Another beautiful variant of the trim and wavy side bangs looks.

Ideal for: Long faces and foreheads are best suited with this look. The one-sided trim offers structure while the long-swept layers and the wavy bang augment the face.

How to Style:  In addition to the one-sided trim, this look will require an opposite long layered side tracing the face.


So, this sums up the list of short black hair with bangs which might seem like a hard-unconventional look to full off. But what needs to be realized is the essence of this exquisite trend like countless others are nothing but confidence. With that being said, one is now fully equipped to make a statement of your own.