7 Trendy Shorter In Back Longer In Front Haircuts

Hairstyling is fun when exploring and choosing the one that is suitable for your face shape and is crucial in making a wonderful prima facie. Haircuts that are shorter in the back and longer in front are really hot in the fashion and beauty industry nowadays. Short hair in back adds amazing texture that will take your look up a notch.

If you are bored to death with your regular hairstyle around the clock and want a chic bold cut this article is for you. We have collectively put a list 7 best women’s hairstyles short in back long on top that you will fall in love right away!


Popular Haircuts Short in Back Long in Front

An edgy haircut is a sine qua non for young women around the world. Girls managed to knuckle down per se with the trend of experimenting with retro styles that are shorter in back and longer in front. Be radical while choosing a hairstyle for you, ask yourself whether you are cut out for a rocker and edgy or feminine haircut.

Having a bold hairstyle isn’t all wearing it confidently is what that matters. Live up with the motto of Carpe Diem and try these hairdos for your next afresh look.

1. Inverted Bob with Highlights

inverted bob with highlights haircut short in back long in front


2. Pixie with Side Bangs

pixie with bangs women's long on top short in back hairstyles


3. Short Hair with Side Swept Long Bangs

short back hair with side swept long bangs in front


4. Wavy Blunt Cut

wavy blunt shorter in back longer in front haircut for girls


5. Undercut

women's undercut hairstyles short in back long on top


6. Asymmetrical Bob

asymmetrical bob haircuts short in back long in front for women


7. Two-toned Mohawk

mohawk shorter in back longer in front hairstyles to rock


Opting for a drastic change in your hairstyle from long to short is a challenging decision to take in the first place. So it’s best if you go halfway i.e haircuts short in back long in front will be better for a starter. Best of luck! We are confident that this article will urge you to renounce your fear and try a haircut in record time.