7 New Plus Size Hairstyles for Women to Hide Double Chin

Choosing a perfect hairstyle is not that easy because one’s hairstyle becomes his/her identity and reveal the personality they have. So, one has to consider many things to create a new hairstyle. For a plus size woman who has a double chin also, it becomes more difficult. Because they want a hairstyle that will disguise the face shape and will not make them look fatter. If you are healthy with a double chin and want a plus size hairstyle, then keep reading this article. We have listed 7 best hairstyles for you.


Plus Size Hairstyles for Double Chin

Though it depends on your choice but in general, the long or medium hair looks good for plus size women with double chin than the short hair. Whether you have curly or straight hair, you can put the hair long on both the side of the face to hide the part of it. Your face will look slimmer in this way. Take a look at the following plus size hairstyles for women who have a double chin.

1. Ash Blonde Bob

plus size hairstyle


2. Backward Puff Hair

double chin hairstyle


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3. Bangs With Layer

plus size hairstyles women with double chin


4. Blunt With Headband Braided Hair

double chin hairstyle


5. Long Curly Hair

plus size hairstyle


6. Medium Bob Hairstyle


7. Wispy Bangs With Ear Length Bob


There are different ways to style the hair but the long and thick hair is the best for the plus size women. Select the suitable one for yourself and be confident with your hairstyle!